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Newer Stuff

Jun 10     "Bubba singing to Zehda", the week before they both pased away.
Apr 06     "Woman of Valor", posted in honor of my mother.
Aug 05     Started a collection of funny ISP stories
Jun/Jul 05 Played some poker at the World Series and the Ultimate Poker 
           Challenge.  Came in 12th in the Pot Limit Omaha Rebuy 
           tournament, but they only paid 9 :(
Apr 05     My mother died in a tragic accident Tuesday night 
           4/5/05.  We remember her and try to be better people in her honor.
Oct 04     A poker update of my poker travels
May 04     Here is a what-to-look-for-in-sushi page I am working on.
May 04     Netaxs Wyndmoor photo and MFS POP movie

What I'm up to...

  • CTO for ServerCentral: Adding Cloud/on-demand services to the ServerCentral portfolio.
  • Working with readnews.com: Usenet outsourcing for Geeks, ISPs, and other Usenet providers
  • Martial Arts at Chang's School of Martial Arts in King of Prussia, PA and schools in the Reston, VA area
  • Advise Jacquette Consulting, a leading consulting company on the east coast that develops custom Documentum-based solutions, among other things
  • Playing poker every so often (see my poker log here):
    Spending a few weeks a year at the World Series of Poker. Not as much travel for poker as 2004-2007 but still some. You can find a Youtube clip or two from some televised cash game.
  • Atkins Diet - as you can see, with mild exercise + strict Atkins, I've lost quite a bit of weight.
  • Playing with gadgets to enhance my connectivity. Currently, the new 17" MBP, Sony Vaio P, Blackberry Bold, G1, Sidekick, and multiple cell modems are usually in my bag. Best gadget acquisition of the year is either the MBP or the $40 clippers I had to go to a beauty supply store to find.
  • BGP and Network Consulting: Network audit; Security training; Growth planning; General advice
  • I split my time between Philadelphia, the DC area, Chicago, and various other mostly-work travel.

What I used to do

I am no longer with Netaxs, the Philadelphia-area ISP I started in 1992, though I still say hello over there sometimes.

Before coming to Akamai in Oct 98, I was VP of Engineering at AboveNet from late 1998 to late 1999.

Before that, I started Netaxs in 1992, I hosted a number of of MUDs on my machine (bigboy.cis.temple.edu) and provided a safe Unix haven on my personal boxes for Temple students looking to escape the tyranny of VMS and Pascal.

Press & Pictures


  • A picture from a Forbes article, mostly about netaxs, from Dec 1995.
  • And the article (poorly formatted copy).
  • And an except from his December 1996 article.

    Miscellaneous Articles:
  • Security Architecture Rant in ACM Queue on the weakness of firewalls
  • An old Multi-Homing FAQ I wrote.
  • A newer Multi-Homing FAQ I wrote.

    PPTs from NANOG/ISPCON/etc:

  • Choosing an upstream provider
  • How to Multi-Home
  • BGP 101
  • BGP 102
  • Engineering robust routers

    Boardwatch Articles:
    Mar97 - Stopping The Flood
    Apr97 - Your Own Address Space
    May97 - Multi-Homing With and Without BGP4
    Jun97 - Where We Are In The "Routing Columns" Series
    Jul97 - Ethel the Aardvark Goes BGP Routing
    Oct97 - Usenet New Servers - the Simple Version
    Dec97 - Configuring a Cisco Router, Part 1 - Background
    Apr98 - Web Proxy Caches and Satellite-Based Bandwidth Augmentation
    May98 - Satellite-Based Bandwidth Augmentation
    May98 - IP Space Update, Free News Feeds, More on News, Basic IP Filtering
    Jul98 - DNS Servers and Provider - Independent Address Space

    In Memoriam: George, Danny, Abha

    grr-man goes to work We know that Danny kicked some terrorist ass Abha rulez!

  • Where to find me
    Midwest Grill
    Sushi Sasabune

    Interesting Sites
    Mobile Planet
    The Web Wayback machine

    HPA Twin Turbo R32s
    Audi RS6
    Nissan GT-R

    17" MBP
    Sony Vaio P

    Memory Watch

    Selling: Various Windows laptops (X300, Inspiron 6400/6500, any old pre-netbook ultraportable you can think of)
    Sold: M3, M5, many old unworthy ibooks/MBPs, various other laptops

    Cool Software
    stripmime.pl - for auto-unpacking those awful MIME attachments. Wonderful for elm/pine/mutt users.