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WSOP Main Event

Brief summary: I was out about 40 minutes before the end of the 6th and final round of the day. 1270 people or so were playing Sunday and about the same played Saturday. Then on Monday, the 1200 or so people left would play together.

I was able to get up to about 30k chips by the end of the 3rd level. I only had one monster hand. I limped with AA and extracted an entire $10k stack on it, though my opponent wound up having an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw, but she didn’t hit.

After dinner, a new player who I knew to be fairly aggressive sat down and in his first hand he had AA and I had QQ. I put him on something like AK or AQ. We got it all in pre-flop and I lost, doubling him up from 20k. I didn’t play it correctly, and it was a good learning experience.

I built back to 18k chips and wound up going out with AQ when my opponent had 88. I did play it well, reraising the 2500 raise to 8000, and moved in on the flop of 922. My opponent called with 88 and I didn’t hit, but that was a tough call to make…

Noam is still in it, so that’s great.
Hopefully I’ll watch him at the final table on Friday.

Richard is out on Monday, unfortunately – but he made a great comback from 1300 chips to over 16000 chips!